5 Things I Love About You: A Game For You To Heal Your Relationships With Everyone

The greatest gift I can give you is to remind you of your power as a human creator on this planet.

You are not as small as the system would have you believe.
You are powerful. You are a miracle of energy living inside a skin bag and you are the most incredible supercomputer on the planet.
You are powerful & you can do it.
At your core, you want to be seen, heard, loved, received, gotten, and supported.
This book will help you get there. Your life is your creation. Now use this game to create the most amazing life possible.
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What do they say about my book

"I found your book '5 Things I Love About You' and it was the best gift I could find before hosting my first yoga retreat. You described in beautiful words what I wanted to share with my yoga tribe. A few days into my retreat, I found another book of yours, 'I Am Amazing', and had to buy it immediately. Some of my students followed me and bought the book too. I just finished reading it and I am beyond grateful that I found it. You really inspire me and you write about so many things I totally believe in! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with this world. I love learning more from you!"

- Audrey, Yoga Teacher, Austria

"A feel-good read, bursting with energy and positivity. This book has played an important part in my journey of self-discovery and happiness for which I am really grateful."

- Scott, Head Chief Animation School, Canada

"This book was bought as a gift and I loved it! So many things Petra writes resonate with me on a deep level. Upon reading it, I learned so much, I had so many ideas, I felt so many emotions and it really opened me up. This was a lifechanging book for me and will always be so special."

- Nedi, Morning News Producer, Africa

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