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I work with and love to inspire women who want to feel more healthy, shinier, and a better Queen in their life.

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Let's Take Your Health to the Next Level with Me


I am a Consciousness Life Coach, Holistic Detox Expert & Raw Food Chef. For over 15 + years I have been teaching thousands of people via online programs, opening and owning juice bars, speaking at festivals and conferences, and facilitating detox retreats in Bali.

I am a best-selling author of several books and tours of the world speaking and teaching. I am passionate about healing the body naturally, preventing disease and inspiring people to take their health & their life into their hands.

I teach mindfulness, personal empowerment, healthy eating, detoxing the body, manifestation, and radical self love. I make getting healthy simple with my practical easy-to-do tips and recipes.

I empower my students to let go of their suffering forever, live their greatest potential, and be the most powerful version of themselves.


Are you ready to have a life that you love?

"My mom was diagnosed with cancer and died within a few months.


Not knowing, at the time, what to do and feeling helpless was the scariest place for my family to be and I do not wish that on anyone.


I have devoted my life to helping people heal from sickness or prevent it all together.


I put my best recipes, practices, tips, and techniques into my book so you too can help yourself from the comfort of your home.


I am holding your hand and helping you to vibrant energetic youthful health.  You can do this.  I got your back..."


How can my story help YOU? 

Well, I love to inspire and work with women who want to start a business or lose weight, or feel better, healthier, and shine more. As women, we have the power to do what we want and dream of. 

I am originally from the Czech Republic and I have traveled a lot in my life. Now I live in Bali and do what I always dreamed about - to inspire and help other women to get the life they dream of. 

Take Your Health Into Your Hands. Understand Your Body And How It Works.

Knowledge Is Power.

Flush Your Toxins Out With Liquids & Learn To Adore Yourself.

Your Body Is A Self Healing Machine.

All You Have To Do Is Get Out Of The Way & Let The Healing Take Place.


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- Petra EatJuicy, Cleanse & Detox Expert



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