Detox Me Juicy: The 7 Day Juicy Food Cleanse To Lose Weight, Youthen & Heal Your Body Of Everything

Maybe you have been curious about eating healthier, doing a cleanse, or starting to make more powerful food choices in your life but don’t know where to start.

Maybe the thought of cleansing is frightening and you feel it doesn't seem doable.

For years I have been leading juice detox cleanses all over the world and I promise you... you won't starve, feel weak or be unable to do this.

On the contrary, the amount of nutrition you receive from raw juices and healthy food will give your body so much life force vitamins that you will feel amazing and energized.

If you want to lose weight, heal your gut, get rid of constipation, have beautiful skin, feel energized or heal sickness in your body, then doing a JUICY food cleanse is the first step.

I will guide you to detox your body and your lifestyle from the comfort of your home so you can lose weight, youthen and heal your body of everything.

You can do this. I got you. Let's EAT JUICY!

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What do they say about my book

"I have just finished your book and wanted to tell you how grateful I was to have crossed your way. Your words were awakening ideas that I already know somehow but so good to hear it this way. They have been nourishing my thoughts and heart lately. Thank you."

- Aline, Australia

"This book was bought as a gift and I loved it! So many things Petra writes resonate with me on a deep level. Upon reading it, I learned so much, I had so many ideas, I felt so many emotions and it really opened me up. This was a life-changing book for me and will always be so special."

Nedi, Morning News Producer, Africa

"Petra is an amazing being. This book is uplifting, fun, and straight to the point.  Petra's recipes prove she is a fantastic chef! She is courageous and dedicated to her mission to heal the world and empower women.  Having been a client of hers and following her on social media, Petra walks her talk. This book is beautiful, practical, and authentic."

Mariola, Yogini & Model, Maui  Hawaii

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