I AM AMAZING: Self Love Guide To Remember Your Greatness & Rock Out Your Life! Empower Yourself, Feel Happier, Heal Your Body & Become Your Own Best Friend. Remember Your Power Cuz You are worth it!


I am powerful. I am brave. I am smart. I am amazing. I AM ready to remember my own power and awaken to the miracle that I AM.

This book is my NEW personal empowerment mantra. Every word I read, rewires my brain for self mastery and transforms me on a cellular level.

I AM ready to be a superhuman thriving on this planet. I AM ready to let go of my smallness, lose the nasty self-talk and remember I AM enough.

Let my empowerment journey begin…

This book will activate:

  • your empowerment
  • deep inner knowing
  • radical self-love
  • courage to speak your truth
  • connection to yourself
  • radical self-love

May you be inspired, empowered, educated, and enlightened reading these words. May you be more of you!"

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What do they say about my book

"Just finished reading this book and it is a fascinating perspective and so positive. Thank you, Petra. I love your book and am sharing it with people around me."

- Sonya, New to Awakened Path

"I bought a copy of this book. Loved it. Then my friend came over and I handed her my copy and said, this is for you...it is your new bible. Now I'm buying a few copies to have ready for my friends."

- Malaika, DJ & Transformational Womens Teacher

"This book is so positive. With every page, I turn I feel better about myself. Wow, I really needed this book to make my life better".

- Ayu, Film Maker, Bali

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