Kiss Me Like This: Men's Manual To What Women REALLY Want and Finding Your Inner Confidence

Man I wrote this book is for you and for the lucky girl who gets to f*ck you.

This book is an opportunity for you to dive deep into the WARRIOR MAN within you so you can confidently take a woman and say to her, “I GOT YOU, I REALLY GOT YOU" and mean it… because firstly, you HAVE GOT YOURSELF.
This book will teach you how to up-level your vibration, step deeper into your confidence, and know-how to play with a woman’s body until she purrs.
Most women are under-f*cked, under-romanced, and under-appreciated.
Most women are hungry for a new kind of relationship with a new kind of man.
A man who owns his power, feels good in his body, is grounded in his energy, and loves himself.
This book is one woman’s perspective to support you (MAN) to have a great happy successful life, get the girl, keep her and step into a happier, sexier, more confident version of yourself and loves the man you are.
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What do they say about my book

"Your book is amazing. Laughing, crying and learning. Crying, then forgiving.
I’ve made mistakes.  I’ve rushed through a relationship and did it while I had the book in hand.  Had not read far enough soon enough. Silly boy... But now I’m more aware. And although I have potentially lost love... I’m better for the next round."

- Pete, Real Estate Broker, Vancouver, Canada

"I opened the book and the first chapter I found was about kissing. I didn’t realize that I could make so much more effort and give my wife so much more in our kissing exchange.  I tried all your suggestions and they worked. My wife was very turned on and happy. It has made me enjoy kissing so much more too. Thank you this book is great.

- Robbie, Electrician, Vancouver, Canada

"I love your book. I was making love to my girlfriend and in the middle, she started crying that this is the best sex we’ve had and she actually said “It’s like you’ve been reading a book”… I didn’t say anything until later I told her about your book. We are both very grateful and my girlfriend is very happy.

- Peter - Script Writer, London, England

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